At Cornerstone Real Estate Investment Services, we offer you a personalized strategic plan for portfolio risk diversification, built upon a foundation of tax shelter. Our team has developed a proprietary software tool that enables us to craft a well-diversified alternative investment portfolio, calculate additional tax basis, track performance over a 10-year hold period, and ensure a fully tax-deferred exchange. We strongly advocate for diversifying risk across multiple sponsors, asset classes (property types), and geographic locations. While we have built thousands of diversification plans, each one is unique to the individual investor. We provide you with a strategic diversification plan that aligns with your investment philosophy, life and professional experience, tax position, geographic knowledge, and investment goals.

Our unparalleled experience tells us which sponsors, and asset classes perform best, our unmatched due diligence examines and tests the properties they offer within these asset classes to be certain they are best structured to perform well throughout the entire investment cycle. We then look to your unique personal insight, life experience, and investment philosophy to select the best property offerings to build a highly personalized real estate investment portfolio based on a foundation to tax-shelter and risk diversification. We look forward to the synergies we can create together from the insights we have gained from our respective journeys. Let’s explore the possibilities of what we can build together.