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Delaware Statutory Trust Investments
Experienced with over $5 Billion in DSTs, QOZ, & Alternative Investments!
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CORNERSTONE real estate investment services | Quality Properties

Extensive listing of DST 1031 properties with thorough due diligence.

Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) investments allow the smaller investor to access larger institutional-grade properties with the tremendous advantage of tax deferral via a 1031 exchange. These 1031 exchange replacement properties allow for greater diversification, provide potential monthly cash distributions, and are professionally managed.

CORNERSTONE real estate investment services | QUALITY SPONSORS

We remain committed to upholding a superior standard for every sponsor and product we present to our valued investors.

While some sponsors boast about having the largest inventory of DST properties in the market, we, at Cornerstone, refrain from making such claims. Our reasoning is simple: to achieve a vast number of properties, one must be willing to accept subpar offerings from mediocre sponsors. At Cornerstone, we hold ourselves to a higher standard when it comes to selecting sponsors and their offerings for our platform. We exercise caution in our due diligence process, filtering out sponsors and properties that fail to meet our stringent criteria.

Unlike those who prioritize quantity over quality, we take our role as gatekeepers seriously. We remain committed to upholding a superior standard for every sponsor and product we present to our valued investors.

CORNERSTONE real estate investment services | quality people

One-on-one consulting and coast-to-coast coverage.

The investment products offered through Cornerstone entail risks; we strongly encourage our clients to become familiar with all potential risks by carefully reading the Risks section of our website. It is even more important for the investor to read the private placement memorandum associated with a specific investment, which details all the risks related to that particular offering.

We would be glad to discuss any questions you might have in order to help you fully understand the nature of each type of risk, balance risk, and return in your own investment considerations, and determine what type of investment might be most suitable for your investment needs.

All of Cornerstone’s services come at no additional cost to the client; all selling expenses have been underwritten into the offering sales price.

Please contact us if we can help you in any way.